The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install, soil measurement probe. Probes are available in four lengths, 30cm (12″) (SDI-12 only), 60cm (24”), 90cm (36″) and 120cm (48”), with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increment. It is also available as a single point sensor. Purchase options are any length with soil moisture + temperature sensors or soil moisture + temperature + salinity. 

Due to the ease of install and protected electronics, the Drill & Drop is ideally suited to situations where a monitoring probe may need to be moved between sites in short-term and annual crops. Having the electronics completely encapsulated and able to be completely buried also makes the probe suited to long-term installations, where machinery will pass often, such as dryland and feed crops. Being able to leave the probe in the ground means long-term, uninterrupted data trends and comparison between seasons is possible. 

The Drill & Drop also covers the issue of data continuity and integrity where the probe does need to be reinstalled. The ingenious tapered probe and matching auger allows direct, slurry-free, installation. This direct installation method means that the probe is measuring ‘real’ representative soil conditions immediately after install, because the surrounding soil has not been disturbed.


  • Four probe length options – 30cm (12″) (SDI-12 only), 60cm (24”), 90cm (36″) and 120cm (48”)

  • Option to measure soil moisture + temperature or soil moisture + temperature + salinity at every 10cm (4″) interval

  • Quick and easy undisturbed installation due to tapered shape

  • Measures the true soil profile, not slurry

  • Stable potting material

  • Able to be buried to any depth

  • Sentek-proven quality soil moisture and salinity measurements

  • Sentek-designed and owned integrated chip technology

  • Soil temperature resolution 0.3%

  • Pre-normalised sensors with in-built default calibration equation

  • Single point sensor and 30cm (12″) probe available

Agility Sensor Radio

The KTS Wireless Agility Sensor Radio (ASR) is a sensor radio and data logger that provides a wireless connection from a sensor to the agility loT Platform server where readings are automatically collected and made available to the user through the MyFarm web application.




  • Comes Verizon Ready 

  • User configurable measurement and reporting intervals

  • Battery operated

  • Power provided to sensor

  • Over-the-air software upgrades

  • Optional Mast with mounting heights up to 10 ft

  • Rechargeable battery 

  • 5 month charge life

Pump Controller & Flowmeter Monitor

The electric pump controller provides the ability to control electric and diesel engine irragation pumps through its SDI-12 interface and is intended for use with the Agility Sensor Radio and the MyFarm web application. It includes a pulse counting input and a 4-20 mA current loop input for use with flowmeters to measure flow rates at the pump.


  • SDI-12 Interface

  • SDI-12 Vin

  • SDI-12 Data

  • SDI-12 GND

  • SDI-12 Shield

  • Flow meter Open Collector Pulse Counter(Over voltage and E.S.D. protected)

  • 24 VAC (Over voltage and E.S.D. protected)

  • Positive/Negative

  • 12 VDC Protected input (Automotive Surge Protection)


  • Latching Relay

  • A contact

  • B contact

  • Vout-switched 12V output- switched on during measurment used for 4-20 ma loop if needed.

  • Vout non switched 12V  output

Water Level Sensor

The Water Level Sensor is a complete water level sensor solution including an Agility Sensor Radio for sending water level readings back to the Agility loT Platform Server for viewing by the MyFarm web application. The bottom section includes a well point with slots to allow water to flow into the water level sensor. It uses a 24 inch water level sensor mounted so that 8 inches of the sensor is below the soil surface to monitor water level. It is perfect for alternate wetting and drying in rice (AWD).


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